Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday 1/24/10

I am glad I am alive, eating, wlking, talking, thinking and blessed to be living in the USA. We have lots to be thankful for :-)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My attitude needs some gratitude today...

Seems like everything I touched today became a mess! I am currently unemployed which is not so bad at this moment. I am grateful that yesterday when I went to a doctor's appt, they originally said it would be $25 then the insurance lady for some reason decided to double check in the computer and discovered that I had a $25 credit! Thank God! So I didn't have to pay anything for the doctor visit - WOO HOO!!!!  It is a shame how easy it is to get in a bad mood. Today things weren't going my way (I will pass on giving examples) but I just saw a tweet about entering a contest for a "Starter Kit" for bloggers. You don't actually have to start a blog but I just love to win contests so I entered but it brought blogging to mind.  @Danielle Turchiano danielletbd said in the tweet about her contest if we have a blog to let her know so I listed the ones I have.  I know these are really more like online journals for my benefit but that is ok by me :-)  So my attitude received some gratitude (or recognized that it is all around me everyday if I remember to open my eyes) and now I am in a better mood!  Looking forward to the Lost Rewatch tonight at . We are on Abandoned. I always enjoy getting Lost!  See you on the island.......

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Today I am grateful for.....

That God has a plan for me, loves me and is taking care of me.
My wonderful family (Mom & Dad, sister Wanda, brothers Robert & David)
Great friends - Celeste, Robin, Cathy, Susan D., Donna, Michelle (Applebee's!), all the old (not meaning "old") friends from various places (Craig, Russell, Christie, etc) but I am now able to stay in contact with through Facebook.... (wonderful invention). I am really blessed in so many ways and I want to focus on the good things in life (Thank you to my good friend Russell for the reminder).  I know I have missed listing many other things at this time that I am grateful for but they are too numerous to name but I will keep working at it.